Since moving back to Honolulu, I’ve been taking walks around the neighborhood, enjoying all the tropical plants and vegetation.  

It never ceases to amaze me at the different shapes and colors of the flowers.  Call me weird, but more than the flowers, I really enjoy observing leaves.  And here you can find many that are very large in size.

I also love trees.  During my walks, I often stop and admire the unusual shaped trunks and branches.

One of my favorites is the banyan tree.  In Hawaii you can often find them in parks.  Near where I live there’s a park with several large banyan trees.  One has a small stream running next to it.  

As I slowly walked toward the massive tree, my mind was flooded with memories of when our boys were little trying to catch crayfish.  They would spend hours with their cousins, poking around the stream with sticks.  Then we used dried cuttlefish on strings as bait.  If they caught anything we never took them home.  It was just the thrill of being able to catch them that entertained them for hours.  

As my heart warmed to those thoughts, I got closer to the stream, leaning over to see if I could find any form of life.  But, there was none.  Just the sound of water gently tricking down.  

Then I looked up.  And as I stood in awe of the beautiful tree I felt my whole body tingle.  It was like I was in the aura of the tree and felt it’s grandness.  I found myself smiling.  “This feels wonderful.” I thought.  “I should do this more often.”

The banyan trees are majestic.  Their energy feels very encompassing and welcoming.  In a funny way, I felt like I could talk to the tree and that it’ll understand me.  I know if I said this to my kids they’d roll their eyes and think, “there goes Mom again.”  But that’s okay.  The tree makes me happy.

Do you have a tree that gives you those feelings?  

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