A very belated Happy Lunar New Year!  I know, I’m about 10 days late…but I still want to wish everyone a year filled with love, joy, and good health.

People born in the year of the Tiger are said to be very ethical and have strong loyal ties to their family and relationships.  I have to agree with this assessment because I have a sister who is a tiger and this rings very true.

My year started off with a big change.  Due to family and personal issues, I have relocated to Honolulu, to be with my family.  So, now I will be posting from here and sharing my experiences as I go along.

The last time I lived in Honolulu was back in 1980!  Yes, it was that long ago.  I worked in Waikiki at JalPak and wore a uniform.  JalPak was a subsidiary of Japan Airlines and they were promoting tours to Japan for the local people.  If I recall, they were called, “Beautiful Japan”.  That feels like a lifetime ago…well, I guess it is!

Honolulu today is very different.  There are so many new buildings and traffic is another story.  I will have to find my way around all the new developments.  Over the years I’ve visited but only for short periods of time.  And most of that time was with visiting family and relatives.  We all know that visiting and actually living there are two different things.

In feng shui, location is a big part of the picture.  Every city, every town and every neighborhood has an innate energy. And this innate energy affects the personality and lifestyles of the people.  Part of the process of feng shui begins with finding a place that resonates with your own energy.

For example, if you want to an actor and you live in Kansas, your chances of getting into the business is slim.  It’s best if you move to Los Angeles where there’s plenty of opportunity and places to mingle with others who have the same goal.  I remember Dr. Hsu mentioned a town in China that was famous for poets.  For some reason, the area produced many successful poets.  Like minds with similar energy can result in empowering energy.  That’s why I believe that places can carry specific types of energies suited for certain industries.

Hawaii has it’s own type of vibe.  To me, it’s very laid back, easy going, casual, warm, and welcoming.  As I age, I like that.   And since my family is from Hawaii, from a young age I always told my sisters that I was going to live in Hawaii.  But, life happens.  Our family was taken to other places.  And I just went with the flow.

It’s funny, I find the saying, “distance makes the heart grow stronger.”  Maybe that’s what I’m feeling now.  With our family situation and the pull of the islands, it felt right.

So, now I sit in my Mom’s dining room and am typing my first blog post from Honolulu.  It’s the beginning of a new chapter in life.

Since covid, many of my friends and neighbors have been moving too.  Some have taken early retirement.  Some are taking advantage of the record prices in the real estate market and have sold their homes and moved out of state.  Some have moved due to the political climate in the state.  And some are moving back to Japan.  I don’t know what it is, but many of my friends and colleagues are making big changes in their lives.

I look forward to what the Year of the Tiger will bring!


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