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What Is A Prosperity Frog?

People often ask: Is it good feng shui to place a “prosperity frog” in the living room near the front door for money or luck? …

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Gaman, I Can Take It

“Have we all become too soft?”  I wonder about that. There is a Japanese word “Gaman” which is often translated as “enduring the seemingly unbearable …

Are you a Player or a Cheerleader?

What role do you Play? This week it’s been so amazing and inspiring to watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympics! Five years ago, I recall watching …

“Used” Official Music Video by wav #stopasianhate

This is a music video by wav. It’s got that Asian influence that has a vibe that’s haunting yet alluring. It’s hard to explain. You’ll …

Hawaiian Style Popcorn – Hurricane Popcorn Recipe

Recently, I’ve been really liking popcorn. To be honest,  I was never a popcorn fan. Why did this change?  Well, my husband, the farmer, has …

Circular Houses are a Slice of Ancient Living

This is the ancient housing for the Hakka community in China. Dr. Hsu, my feng shui master from Taiwan, is Hakka and introduced this to …

Yin Yang of energies

I Seek to Understand Both Sides of an Argument

culNowadays, it seems like everyone has an opinion. Which is fine. But, there are so many sides to every argument. Who’s side are you on? …

Easy, No-Sewing Masks for the Corona Virus

I hope everyone is staying home and is safe. As the news for the coronavirus changes daily, it’s hard just to keep up. I’m trying …

Japanese tuna pasta

Japanese Style Tuna Pasta: Easy & Economical

Hi Everyone! It’s been ages since I last posted on my blog. I’ve been posting on Facebook a lot but not here. I figured that …

How “Yes” can mean “No”

“Selling is a skill. And an important skill for business.” I never realized that my Japanese cultural habits affected my business habits…

Multi-Generational Living

Is 70 really the new 50?   Although, I’m not 70 yet, amongst my friends, I am finding that even as we age, we continue to …

Do You Believe in Angels?

A few days ago I was working with Master Hsu organizing his blog posts on feng shui. We started in the early afternoon, and before …

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