A Story on Chinese and Gold

Traditionally, gold was considered a safe and sure investment for Chinese. The other day I was reading about the price of gold and how Asians …

The Pros and Cons of the Japanese Futon

Futon is the Japanese word for mattress or blanket. What suprised me was that according to Wikipedia, it is now an English word derived from …

Japanese say Ki, Chinese say Qi

Ki in Japanese and Qi (pronounced chee) in Chinese is what my master calls:  “living energy” of “life energy”. So, I was wondering if the …

japanese umbrellas, parasols, illuminated

Japanese Omiyage and Food

Omiyage is the Japanese custom of gift giving.   It is usually a souvenir from your travels or from your home town. For the office worker …

spaghetti, pasta, noodles

Cold Soba Noodle Salad for Summer

I love noodles!  Hot, cold, with soup, fried, with a sauce, it doesn’t matter, noodles are just so wonderful and versatile!  Noodles are an Asian …

miso soup, bureau, miso

How to Make Simple Miso Soup

  What is Miso?  The most common miso is fermented soybeans, but today you can find many other varieties including fermented rice and barley.  Due …

Jenny’s Audition on Oprah!

Oprah Winfrey is having an open audition to have your OWN show. I have taken the opportunity, with the help of Dr. Hsu, Sean and …

beverage cans, asia, commercial packaging

What Helps Asians Stay Slim?

Many people think that Asians have a different metabolism or have different genes that keep them slim. However, if you just visit any Asian country, …

The Benefits of Living With Grandparents

In Asia, it is custom to take care of your parents, so multi-generations under one roof is extremely common. Traditionally, in many Asian cultures, the …

ancient, traditional, old

What is Chinglish, Japlish, Tinglish and Singlish?

Chinglish is Chinese English.  Japlish is Japanese English and Tinglish is Thai English. Singlish is Singapore English.  And there must be more.  They are all …

Is Your Birthdate Relevant to the Feng Shui of your Home?

Just as there are many schools of martial arts, there are many schools of feng shui. I studied Form School feng shui and under their …

Multi-Functional Spaces from a New Perspective

The traditional concept of multi-functional spaces is deeply rooted in Asian culture. In Japan, the modular rooms would change in size with the use of …

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