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How to Plan a Spring Asian Party – Appetizers

Spring is just around the corner and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.  Why not plan a Asian inspired spring party?  Start by bringing …

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Finding Time to Communicate With Your Children

Feng Shui stresses that a good environment is one that has creates good relationships;  not only with our physical environment but with our family. With …

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Japanese Spaghetti Neapolitan

In addition to coffee, tea and an assortment of drinks, the Japanese coffee shops usually serve common western style foods adapted to the Japanese palette.  …

frog, farewell, travel

Why do Japanese keep a little frog figurine in their wallet when they go to Vegas?

Amongst the American Japanese who visit Vegas, a large percentage carries a little frog in their wallet or purse.  This frog can be made out …

Preserving Japanese Culture in Seattle – 100 Year Old Club

Yesterday we celebrated the Japanese Hyakudokai New Year’s  Celebration.  The name Hyakudokai is taken from the motto “‘keep active until 100 years old’.  According to …

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A Japanese take on Ham and Eggs

Growing up in a Japanese American home we ate a variety of foods but I think the simple ones are still the best.  In our …

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Happy New Year! 2010 – The Year of the Tiger

Happy 2010! Wishing everyone good health, much success, prosperity and happiness. 2010 in the Japanese zodiac is the year of the tiger. The tiger represents …

ikebana, dry flower, flower

Japanese Autumn Ikebana

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement.  Ike means ‘live’ as in ‘fresh’ flowers and bana comes from hana which is flower.  When two …

Yin/Yang from an Interior Design perspective

From an interior design perspective, yin is the quiet or non-active areas of the house while yang is the active and places of gathering.  Yang …

What does the Tai Chi or yin/yang symbol represent?

When coming across feng shui, there are various terms and theories that can be very confusing for the beginning student.  One of the important theories …

korean folk village, forest, trees

More Thoughts on Trees

There was a tall birch tree next to our house that had grown taller than our roof.  Because it was so close to our home, …

First Nations Museum in Whistler

During the school spring break we went up to Whistler for a few days and I visited the First Nations Museum that opened last summer.  …

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