The Simple Act of Sweeping to Clear Your Mind

Regardless whether we enjoy it or not, we all have to clean house.  I’m a little bit particular about my kitchen.  Even if the rest …

The First Step to Finding Your Passion

It seems to be the rage about  how we must all find our passion in life to make our lives have meaning.  I believe this …

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone good health, loving relationships, and much happiness for 2018! In Japan, we follow the Chinese 12 zodiac animals.  This year is the 11th …

Asian Folklore of the Red String of Fate – Akai Ito

Do you believe in destiny? Do you think you have a soulmate? In Japan, it is believed that some of us are destined to be …

A Cup of Tea Can Solve the Small Worries

In this summer heat, you may not think about having a hot cup of tea.  But, sometimes it just solves all your small problems that …

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How Asian Culture Has Impacted Gaming

Contribution from freelance writer Jocelyn Brown. For decades, Asian culture has shown an affinity for animation and computer games…

Happy Girl’s Day

Today March 3rd is Girl’s Day in Japan.  I was thinking about this all day today.  Girl’s Day.  I don’t know any other country that …

The Year of the Rooster

The Japanese New Year is on January 1st, which has come and gone.  The Chinese New Year based on the lunar calendar changes every year. …

New Year, New Beginnings

May 2017 bring good health, much love and joy to you and your family. In Japan, if there is a death in the family during …


Japanese Forest Bathing For Your Health!

Now is the season to go hiking and enjoy the outdoors.  Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are blessed with many trails throughout the area …

Japanese Gold Leaf Tea

My girlfriend gave me a few packets of Japanese Gold Leaf Tea.  The Japanese characters on the packet says, Jun Kin Cha, or Genuine Gold Tea. …

Omiyage, the Japanese Custom of Gifting

Omiyage, is the Japanese custom of gifting that is ingrained in our culture.  When we are invited over to someone’s home for a meal or …

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