Thank You Mr. Hori

Last week I got a sad email from Mr. Hori’s daughter, Susan.  Mr. Hori passed away at the age of 95.  My heart goes out …

Cat Island – Tashirojima in Japan

This guest post by Hiro, who lives in Japan and writes a blog called Japanese Candy and Sweets Gallery, is about his visit to Tashirojima, …

Japanese Chopstick Etiquette

In Japan, there are a few etiquette rules when using chopsticks.  Although I grew up in a Japanese-American home, there were some rules that my …

Pantone Color of the Year 2013 – Emerald Green!

  For those who follow the Lunar Calendar, Happy Chinese New Year!  With the New Year comes a new color trend.  The 2013  Pantone color of the …

Modern Showers vs. the Japanese Soaking Tub?

I must admit that I take water for granted.  Hot water for baths and showers, adjustable temperatures for laundry, and filtered iced water from the …

Chocolate Exhibition in Tokyo

This is a guest post from a reader and fellow blogger from Japan!  Hope you enjoy it! – Jenny Hello! This is Hiro from Japanese Snacks …

The Season for Gift Wrapping – Asian Accents with Origami

Gift wrapping in Japan is an art.  However, many of us don’t have the talent or fine motor skills to create such beautifully wrapped creations–including …

What to Put Inside an Onigiri – Rice Ball

This is the continuation of my attempt to video blog, or vlogging!  In my previous life, or should I say my life before kids, I did a …

Three Asian 80/20 Rules for Health

Many in the West may know the 80/20 Rule, also known as the Pareto Principle.  It states that “80 percent of the results are achieved …

rice balls, the fraudulent, plate

How to Make a Japanese Rice Ball – Onigiri

The classic Japanese rice ball, onigiri, is now a favorite amongst many people worldwide.  It’s simple, convenient, tasty, and easy to eat.  It’s the Asian …

The Ancient Art of Chinese Silk Embroidery

There are many legends of the origin of silk, but this story from the American Museum of Natural History is my favorite . Empress Xi-Ling, was …

meditation, yoga, meditate

Chinese Traditional Medicine and Four Simple Guidelines to Maintain your Health

As a student of feng shui and Taoism, we learn that our health is a part of our holistic well-being.  Feng shui is about “living …

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