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Finding Time to Communicate With Your Children

Feng Shui stresses that a good environment is one that has creates good relationships;  not only with our physical environment but with our family. With …

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From a Feng Shui Perspective What’s in a Personal Photograph?

A personal photograph carries so much information.  Where was the photo taken?  When did it happen?  What was the occasion?  Who else was there?  The …

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What To Do When You Must Let Go Of Sentimental Items

In Feng Shui, space is energy, therefore, clearing the clutter is an important step in creating new energy. Letting go of sentimental items is always …

Did you know that Form School Feng Shui is the Original Feng Shui?

When I began studying Feng Shui over three years ago, I had no idea that there were many different schools of Feng Shui, each teaching …

How Can We Learn From the Na’vi in the Movie Avatar Who Follow Feng Shui Principles.

James Cameron’s epic movie Avatar was a real treat to the senses.  But what really resonated with me was the Na’vi on Pandora. The Na’vi …

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What is Yin/Yang?

Together the Yin-Yang symbolizes the whole entity, separated they symbolize polar opposites. Yin,  the black shaped tadpole represents the passive energy; cold, night, winter, hard, …

How a French Exchange Student Reminded Me to Keep an Open Heart and Open Mind

Many think of Feng Shui as a superstitious practice. But we cannot judge without actually taking the time to learn the truth.  With time and …

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What To Consider When Selecting Exterior Lighting

In feng shui, the exterior of your home reflects your image you present to the world. On a clear, sunny day it is easy to …

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Interior Design Ideas for Placing Pictures and Art on Walls

We all have art that has meaning to our lives; from family photos to souvenirs from our travels.  They are reminders of who we are, …

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How Yin-Yang Affects Our Daily Lives

In an earlier blog I wrote about the Tai-chi symbol, but it really should have been written as Tai-ji, because that is a more accurate …

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The Feng Shui Benefits of House Plants

My house used to be plant free because I do not have a green thumb.  Also, when I was younger, house plants was not my …

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Yin-Yang New Year’s Resolutions

Searching the internet I came across the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions at http://pittsburgh.about.com/od/holidays/tp/resolutions.htm Here’s the condensed list: 1.    Spend more time with family and …

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