Thoughts on the Feng Shui and Interior Design of a Casino

Tonight at the dinner table somehow the conversation subject was gambling.  It’s amazing what the boys learn from T.V.   My sons have never been to …

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Feng Shui and Luck

With the over exposure of feng shui in the U.S., there are many misconceptions circulating over the internet. Because of this when I mention that …

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Feng Shui of a Dining Table

The dining table is an important part of family life. This is where you share a good portion of your life communicating, sharing and interacting …

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Trying to Conquer Allergies

Allergies are a funny thing as they seem to appear out of nowhere and then sometimes disappear.  Last December my youngest son went out in …

Feng Shui Fu Dogs Cures and Gadgets

The last six months have been a real learning experience for me.  My feng shui master, Dr. Hsu, has taught me many new insights into …

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Creating Zones In Your Home

Unlike the homes of the 70’s and 80’s where the kitchen, dining and living rooms were all separated into individual rooms, families today enjoy the …

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Accepting Change

In tough economic times, we all have mood swings.  One minute we worry about the future and the next we have optimism with what change …

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Seasonal changes

Feng shui principles teach us to follow nature’s patterns.  As the grass turns yellow and leaves begin to change color, we realize summer is coming …

House plants

We are having unbelievably warm weather for Seattle and I love it!  All the neighbors are out doing yard work, planting flowers, trimming hedges and …

Yin/Yang from an Interior Design perspective

From an interior design perspective, yin is the quiet or non-active areas of the house while yang is the active and places of gathering.  Yang …

What does the Tai Chi or yin/yang symbol represent?

When coming across feng shui, there are various terms and theories that can be very confusing for the beginning student.  One of the important theories …

First Nations Museum in Whistler

During the school spring break we went up to Whistler for a few days and I visited the First Nations Museum that opened last summer.  …

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