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Find a house with good feng shui

There are many personal factors that dictate how and why we choose a home, such as schools, commute to work, traffic, safety, neighborhood desirability, and …

Do overgrown trees affect the feng shui of a house?

The other day, I went to Seattle for a feng shui consultation. As I approached the house, I noticed there was a tall pine tree …

Can a feng shui gadget fix a relationship?

In many Asian cultures, when a couple decides to get married, some traditional families go to a “marriage or relationship counselor”, who reads your astrological …

What is Form School Feng Shui?

Can a room change someone’s life? That’s what many feng shui books claim. Changing your furniture can change your life.  I really wondered if this …

Circular Houses are a Slice of Ancient Living

This is the ancient housing for the Hakka community in China. Dr. Hsu, my feng shui master from Taiwan, is Hakka and introduced this to …

Make a Living Room Feel More Energized

Does your living room feel organized and neat but you feel that something is missing? Being an interior designer and a feng shui consultant, I …

Organize Your Bookshelf to Feel Energized

Like all of you, I too have more time at home. Spending more time at home means I notice things that I don’t normally notice …

Multi-Generational Living

Is 70 really the new 50?   Although, I’m not 70 yet, amongst my friends, I am finding that even as we age, we continue to …

Feng Shui & Design Tips on my new Channel

I have started posting short 2 minutes videos on feng shui and interior design on my Facebook page. I know not everyone is on Facebook …

When Feng Shui Conflicts with Common Sense?

Have you ever read or received feng shui advice that really didn’t make sense to you?  Sometimes I read other feng shui advice on the …

The Feng Shui of Who You Spend Time Together With

Do you believe in the exchange if energies? In feng shui, we are taught that everything in the universe is a vibrating energy, which we …

What is the Best Direction for the Front Door?

This question is from one of my readers.  It’s also a very common question that I get often. What is the best direction for the …

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