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Feng Shui of an Ideal Main Entrance

The main entrance, along with the bedroom and kitchen are the three most important feng shui features in a house. The main entrance defines the …

My E-book Campaign for “How to Find a Good Feng Shui House”

Hey everyone I’m excited to announce my book, “How to Find a Good Feng Shui House‘ is out!   If you’ve enjoyed my blog over the …

Feng Shui of Michael Jordan’s mansion

This mansion has been on the market for 9 years! Why hasn’t it sold yet? Is it a feng shui problem? I give a feng …

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How to Find a Good Feng Shui House – new book

Dear Friends, I am pleased to announce that my book How to Find a Good Feng Shui House is now published. Let this book hold …

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Feng Shui and Crystals

Some feng shui practices use crystals as “cures” or remedies for a house. Are these true feng shui concepts? Jenny Hones answers: Share on FacebookTweetFollow …

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What Is A Prosperity Frog?

People often ask: Is it good feng shui to place a “prosperity frog” in the living room near the front door for money or luck? …

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Luopan and Feng Shui

The luopan (or lo-pan, lupan) is a geomantic compass, also known as Chinese magnetic compass or Feng Shui compass. It is used by Feng Shui …

Feng Shui and triangles

In feng shui theory, the triangular shape is related to the Fire element which represents expanding energy and dynamic motion. However, it also manifests chaos …

Ideal bedroom design

The bedroom is one of the three most important features in a house. It affects health, relationships, emotions, and child bearing. As a place for …

Are you a Player or a Cheerleader?

What role do you Play? This week it’s been so amazing and inspiring to watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympics! Five years ago, I recall watching …

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Find a house with good feng shui

There are many personal factors that dictate how and why we choose a home, such as schools, commute to work, traffic, safety, neighborhood desirability, and …

Do overgrown trees affect the feng shui of a house?

The other day, I went to Seattle for a feng shui consultation. As I approached the house, I noticed there was a tall pine tree …

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