The Bagua Mirror and Sha Qi

There are many many feng shui websites that have articles on the bagua mirror and sha qi. A lot of it is a bit off …

What’s the Feng Shui of a Chandelier in a Bedroom?

Interior Design is such a personal thing.  What works for one person may not necessarily work for another.  But that’s what makes it fun!  Everyone …

Feng Shui and False Threats

As a great resource, the internet is a wonderful place to learn about everything and anything, yet it can also be full of misinformation. The …

What’s a Money Tree?

There are two definitions of “money tree”. One is a tree from Chinese mythology and the other is an actual physical live plant that is …

Feng Shui and Noise Pollution

Feng shui is living in harmony with nature. By nature, we mean our living environment and that includes all sounds whether it is the wind, …

pakistan, nature, scenery

Pakistan’s Floods

Pakistan’s floods don’t look like it is due to farming on flood plains because the scale of the disaster is just so overwhelming.  Now over …

high water, road, locked

Pakistan’s Floods, China’s Landslides, Moscow’s Fires: What’s the Feng Shui?

As I turned the page of the Wall Street Journal, there were three articles on current natural disasters:  Pakistan’s floods, China’s mudslides and Russia’s fire.   …

tree, hug, love

Are You An Environmentalist?

Last week, good friends of ours invited my husband and me to a talk featuring actor, Ed Begley, Jr. and architect, Matthew Coates at the …

chicago, illinois, lake michigan

The Feng Shui of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

Last week I was in Chicago for my son’s college orientation and I must say that during the summer, it is just a fabulous city!  …

baby, smile, child

How to Apply the Four Features of Feng Shui to you Home

Now that the earlier posts discussed what the Four Features of Feng Shui are, we can now learn how to apply them to our home. …

kitchen, kitchenette, apartment

Functional vs. Showroom Kitchen

Kitchens have become the focal point of homes today. In some cases it has become the showroom, because the family room and kitchen are combined …

valley, field, landscape

How are the Four Features Applied?

The Four Features of feng shui are ideally located in a certain position to benefit those who reside there. This ideal site includes all the …

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