gulf of mexico, sea, ocean

The Feng Shui Implications of the BP Oil Spill

The current BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has the concern of the world. The thought of millions of barrels of oil flowing …

girlfriends, sunset, vintage

The Yin and Yang of Moving

My girlfriend is moving house. The reason for her move is to be closer to her daughter’s new school which is a thirty minute drive …

snail, animal, house

In Form School Feng Shui, does the Energy of a Home Always Remain Constant?

Form School feng shui principles state, Form Defines Energy. Simply put, if the form changes then the energy changes. Let’s say you have lived in …

compass, degrees, north

The East-West System is a Compass School Feng Shui – Part II

Now that you have determined your own Gua trigram, you have to find out your home’s trigram. The home’s trigram is also divided into two …

map, navigate, explore

The East-West System is a Compass School Feng Shui – Part I

Although I am not a student of the East-West System, my master always says it is important to understand other feng shui schools.  This way …

Is Your Birthdate Relevant to the Feng Shui of your Home?

Just as there are many schools of martial arts, there are many schools of feng shui. I studied Form School feng shui and under their …

china, temple, heaven

The Original Feng Shui Practitioner

Feng Shui has been practiced for over 2,000 years in China. Yet, feng shui practices are still used today in many societies.  So how can …

Red door

Many Feng Shui Teachings Consider a Red Door Auspicious. Is There an Ideal Color for a Front Door?

Master Hsu and I are working hard on finishing our book Feng Shui: Truths, Myths and Misconceptions. This article was taken from the book, to …


Feng Shui of the Ages: A Return to Simplicity

Change is the new “it” word that has emerged with President Obama.  According to the Chinese principles of the Tai Ji, the universe is never …

The Feng Shui of a Business Name

Is there such a thing of the Feng Shui of a business name?  I follow Form School Feng Shui, which states, “Form defines qi-energy”.  So, …

father, son, walk

Finding Time to Communicate With Your Children

Feng Shui stresses that a good environment is one that has creates good relationships;  not only with our physical environment but with our family. With …

mother, baby, child

From a Feng Shui Perspective What’s in a Personal Photograph?

A personal photograph carries so much information.  Where was the photo taken?  When did it happen?  What was the occasion?  Who else was there?  The …

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