Simple Tip to Identify Organic and GMO Produce in U.S.

Do you know if your food is organic?  Do you know if it is genetically modified (GMO)?  As a consumer, is there an easy way …

Japanese Style Sandwiches

Japanese sandwiches are typically made with thinly sliced white bread.  Japanese style white bread is a little different from American white bread.  With a hint of butter …

Asian Cabbage Salad

Summertime often calls for large gatherings with friends.   This simple slightly sweet salad includes sesame seeds and almonds giving it a savory nutty flavor.  It’s is a …

Is Goji Berry an Asian Health Food?

The other day I was over at my girlfriend’s home for dinner and she had a new gadget in her kitchen that made fresh soy …

Lily’s Piroshky Recipe

Now, you may be wondering why I have this piroshky recipe on my blog?  How did the Japanese come across piroshky? Growing up in Tokyo, …

sesame, seeds, recipe

The Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

In Asian cuisine, sesame seeds and sesame oil are very important condiments.  In fact, today, Japan and China are the two largest importers of sesame …

Tricolor Vegetarian Salad with Yuzu Recipe: Daikon, Cucumber & Carrots

This simple, refreshing vegetarian salad with a soy sauce based dressing has a wonderful crunch from the Japanese daikon or radish.   This can also be substituted with Korean radish. Just …

Chocolate Exhibition in Tokyo

This is a guest post from a reader and fellow blogger from Japan!  Hope you enjoy it! – Jenny Hello! This is Hiro from Japanese Snacks …

What to Put Inside an Onigiri – Rice Ball

This is the continuation of my attempt to video blog, or vlogging!  In my previous life, or should I say my life before kids, I did a …

rice balls, the fraudulent, plate

How to Make a Japanese Rice Ball – Onigiri

The classic Japanese rice ball, onigiri, is now a favorite amongst many people worldwide.  It’s simple, convenient, tasty, and easy to eat.  It’s the Asian …

frying pan, food, kitchen

How to Cook Japanese Rice in a Frying Pan

Recently, I’ve had many requests on cooking Japanese home-style food.  There are a lot of good cookbooks and recipes available, however, when living outside of …

Korean Food and the Kimchi Chronicles

Our family loves the spicy and rich flavors of Korean food.  When the kids come home during their school break, their restaurant of choice is …

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