vegetables, string beans, green

Green Beans with Black Sesame Seeds

I love anything sesame, from the sesame seeds with peanuts sweets, sesame dressing, sesame oil, the Chinese sesame balls with bean paste, and tahini, the …

white cabbage, garden, vegetable growing

What is Mizuna?

Mizuna is a Japanese green leafy vegetable that has spikey leaves and to me, tastes like a sharp watercress.  Something with a bit of bite. …

coffee beans, coffee, roasted

Japanese Style Coffee Jelly

During the hot and humid summer months in Japan, a popular desert is coffee jelly, or coffee jello or coffee gelatin, or which ever way …

cheesecake, table, dessert

Japanese Mini Cheesecakes

Ovens in Asia are not as common as they are in the West.  This is because homes in the East are generally much smaller and their kitchens …

Homemade Teriyaki Sauce Recipe: Only Four Ingredients

In the U.S., nowadays you can find a fast food teriyaki chicken stand in most towns.  Teriyaki has become so common that they even sell …

sugar, cup, pile of sugar

Sugar Syrup for Ice Cold Drinks

To maintain our health  , it’s important for all of us to consume lots of liquids when the weather heats up. Yes, summer time means lots of …

grapefruit, cross section, half

Fresh Grapefruit Jelly

Doesn’t this look most appetizing?  Fresh juicy grapefruit is thirst quenching and most refreshing, making it a wonderful dessert to a fish or seafood meal. …

spaghetti, tomatoes, basil

Pasta Salad – Japanese Style

The sun has finally made an appearance in Seattle!  Seems like we are always the last one to get sun – it’s a welcome change …

prawn, marine, shrimp

Deep Fried Prawn Wonton

Deep fried wonton in our house is a family favorite. The crunchy exterior combined with the savory filling makes this a satisfying appetizer.  Just dip …

butterbur, cooking, delicious

Japanese Vegetable – Fuki

photo by: Joi This is known as giant butterbur or what the Japanese call fuki  菜蕗. According to Dave’s Garden, an informational garden website,  this is …

bamboo shoots, close-up, macro

Fresh Bamboo Shoots

Image by:  Haragayato Bamboo shoots or takenoko  (竹の子 or 筍) in Japanese, are the edible part of the bamboo. Although, I eat bamboo shoots on …

Fresh Spring Rolls

Here in the Pacific Northwest, it is still rather cool and wet, unlike most of the country.  But, it’s warm enough that I feel the …

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