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Kang Kong in Garlic

While living in Singapore, we became very fond a vegetable called kang kong and our favorite way to serve this was chili kang kong. In …

Singapore Noodles

I love noodles, any kind of noodles;  soup  noodles, stir-fried, dry, wet, doesn’t matter. So while living in Singapore, I became slightly addicted to their …

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Shiso Leaves

Among sushi connoisseurs, the culinary herb, shiso has become well known. In English it’s referred to as the perilla leaf or beefsteak plant.  According to …

Japanese Mixed Rice – Takikomi Gohan

The Japanese have a variety of mixed rice recipes. Some are called maze gohan and some are called takikomi gohan.  So, I asked my teacher, …

Okra, Japanese Style

Okra is not a Japanese vegetable, but being married to a Brit,  I do enjoy an okra curry.  That being said, we do eat okra …

Prawn Stuffed Tofu Recipe

Bite sized tofu stuffed with lightly seasoned prawns showcases both seafood and the deep fried tofu. In many Asian cuisines, deep fried tofu is a …

Tofu and Chrysanthemum Leaves

In a previous post I introduced Chrysanthemums leaves, shyungiku, an edible leaf that is commonly used in Asian cuisine. With a very high iron content, …

Easy Wonton Recipe

Little wonton dumplings are simple to make, very versatile, and fun to eat!  They can be boiled, steamed, or fried and are most commonly enjoyed …

Katsudon Confessions

This is a guest post by Sam Fowey, who resides in Japan. photo from Sushi Bytes I recently learned of an interesting connection between katsudon …

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Sushi Ginger, Gari

Do you love sushi?  Have you tried to make it at home?  Why not make the sushi ginger, gari, at home! With the increased popularity …

Mu Shu Pork Homestyle Recipe

Mu Shu Pork is a Chinese vegetables and pork stir-fry that is wrapped in a Mandarin crepe with hoisin sauce. It’s what I would call …

Brown Rice Medley in a Rice Cooker

Recently, I’ve noticed more and more people are interested in rice. Maybe it’s the new trend because so many people are becoming gluten intolerant. Rice …

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