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The Best Everyday Asian Salad Dressing

Similar to the classic oil and vinegar recipe in the West, Asians have incorporated soy sauce into their salad dressings which have become very popular.  …

Foods That Help When Exposed To Radiation

The earthquake in Japan has made me realize what my feng shui master keeps reiterating:  man cannot control nature, instead we must learn to work …

Ginger Tips and Recipes to Fight the Flu

What do you eat when you have the flu?  Is it the standard chicken soup and soda crackers, which is always so comforting? Do you …

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Korean Mochi with Beef Stir-Fry

Savory mochi, or rice cake, in Japan is limited to crispy rice snacks such as arare or osembei, or can be enjoyed in soup or …

Japanese Beef Curry in a Slow Cooker

Japanese curry is different from Indian curry because it’s something I would call, semi-homemade, not made from scratch. The “curry” is packaged into cubes of …

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Enjoy Mochi – Isobeyaki Style

mmmmm . . . Mochi …Plain white mochi is a Japanese New Year staple. Mochi is simply steamed glutinous rice that is pound into a …

Home Style Stewed Shoyu Pork with Boiled Eggs

Sometimes we need comfort food. For me, this is so simple yet satisfying to eat over a bowl of rice.  Stewed pork in shoyu can …

Fresh Passion Fruit

This post is from Honolulu where I am enjoying family, warm temperatures and fresh fruit! Yesterday, for breakfast my Dad cut me a ripe papaya …

Kinpira Gobo Recipe – Japanese Burdock

Kinpira gobo is an everyday classic Japanese side dish, that will often be included in an obento, a lunch box. Since moving back to the …

Wakayama Umeboshi: A Japanese Delicacy

Umeboshi is a Japanese pickled plum which is salty and sour,  most commonly used in the center of an onigiri, or rice ball. To learn …

Think Color of Food For a Balanced Diet

“What am I going to cook today?” Some days I struggle to think what to make for dinner, especially when I’m short on time.  Thinking …

Miso Ground Pork with Somen

Why is it that weather has become such a big deal?  When I was a child weather was never an important part of my life.  …

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