Spring Menu – Salad and Dessert

In the two previous blogs we’ve covered the appetizers and main courses.  This blog will have the remainder recipes for the salad, rice, pickles and …

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Fish Misozuke Recipe

My girlfriend who lives in Kamakura is a fabulous cook.  Her kitchen was tiny but the food she produced from that space was unbelievable and …

Spring Menu Main Course – Gyoza

This is a continuation of the Spring Menu blog.  The Main Course includes gyoza, miso talapia, Asian salad, rice and pickles.  Today’s recipe is gyoza. …

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How to Plan a Spring Asian Party – Appetizers

Spring is just around the corner and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.  Why not plan a Asian inspired spring party?  Start by bringing …

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Simple Tofu salad

On a hot day like today, it’s hard to build up an appetite. The textures of the soft tofu and crunchy vegetables and the salty …

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Hummus Recipe

Today is unusually sunny and warm for the Pacific Northwest.  I crave weather like this and so I shall make this short because I want …

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Teriyaki Chicken Wings

photo by  hawaiianfoodrecipe Growing up in a large family, food was always a big deal in our home. So, it is no wonder that food …

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