Here are a few links and resources relates to the ASIAN LIFESTYLE.


Local Asian Supermarkets in the Greater Seattle Area:  These are the markets I’ve been to and my reviews.  I’m sure there are plenty more out there.  Please email me if you any more.


Seattle based Asian Food Market with four stores in the area:  Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, and Beaverton, OR.  Check it out at  They carry a wide variety of Japanese products as well as other Asian foods.  Their household items such as cooking utensils, bento boxes, china, and small appliances has become quite extensive.  Also has a good selection of Japanese cosmetics and beauty care.  I like their Seattle store the best.  Their vegetables are fresh and they have a good fish and meat department.


This Korean supermarket is expanding.   In the U.S. , they have stores in twelve states.  You can check out their website, as they have an online store.  In our area, there’s a new H-Mart in Bellevue, which I haven’t been to yet.  I used to go the one on Aurora in Seattle but since moving I have been going to the one in Federal Way.  Very large variety on Asian vegetables and reasonably priced.  Also, has a large meat section.  You can get all Asian ingredients here, with an emphasis on Korean foods.

Ranch 99

This is a Chinese supermarket.  Predominantly in California, we have two in here in Washington state.  One in Kent and the other in Edmonds.  With an emphasis on Chinese food, they have a good selection of Asian vegetables.  Their fish department also will clean and fry for you.

JingJing Market

Before we moved to the country, my local go to market was JingJing in Factoria.  It’s small but essentially had all the necessities.  From the name, you know it’s a Chinese market.  But, it now does delivery too.  Here is their website.

Asian Food Center

Another Chinese supermarket in Bellevue.  It kind of had a funky smell, but I don’t know about now.  It has most Asian ingredients, but mainly Chinese.

Southgate Oriental Groceries & Gifts

This small Korean supermarket located in Factoria, Bellevue is compact but has good stuff.  They make Korean sushi and other Korean dishes.  They have a whole take out counter with a variety of kimchi.  The small kitchen in the back is where they make the food, so you know it’s really fresh.

Viet-Wah Supermarket

This Vietnamese supermarket is in the international district.  From the outside it looks a little funky, but their herbs were very reasonable and fresh.  If you’re into Vietnamese food this is a good place to go.

Maruta Shoten

This is a small Japanese market in Georgetown.  The local American Japanese have been going there for decades.  They are known for the bento.

Asian Culture




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