Japanese Cuisine, Washoku, Awarded UNESCO Cultural Heritage Status

In early December, 2013, Japanese Cuisine, known as “washoku” in Japanese, was awarded UNESCO’s intangible cultural assets status.  The only other cuisine to receive this honor is …

Increase Energy: Connect Inward With Nature and See Beauty in All Things

In continuation of my New Year’s Resolution of “Increase Energy”  – here is step 4:  Connect Inward with Nature and step 5:  See Beauty in All …

Need More Energy – Help Others

Continuing with my New Year’s Resolution of ‘increase energy’, here is my third step:  Help others.  I find that when helping others, I feel good.   We all …

Increase Your Energy By Spending Time with People

My one New Year’s Resolution was:  Increase Energy. I know it’s just one, but there are many facets to this one.  My step one was  …

New Year, New Energy

Happy New Year!  May 2014 be blessed in health, happiness and harmony for you and your family.  明けましておめでとうございます。今年も どうぞ よろしく おねがえします。 This year, of all …

Japanese New Years Traditions

Now that Christmas has come and gone, in a Japanese household, we have to start thinking of the biggest holiday of the year, New Years …

The Feng Shui of Bath, England

Known as a World Heritage Site, the city of  Bath, England is a big tourist attraction, known for it’s beautiful limestone architecture, rolling hills and …

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s a wonderful time to reflect and give thanks for all the friends, family and community we have.  Thank …

sun, sky, clouds

9 Tips to Raising your Life Energy

I was talking with a friend about how often we hear people say, “I don’t like being around people with negative energy.  They don’t make …

Traditional Asian Blessings – Omamori

In Asia, blessings are part of our culture, woven into our lives.  In Japan we call them omamori, meaning to protect.  This type of amulet …

21 Acres Sustainable Agriculture- Is this the Feng Shui of Farms?

If feng shui is about “living in harmony with nature” for a building structure, then permaculture is about “living in harmony with the land.“  For those that …

How A Power Outage Made Me Reflect On How We Live.

The core concept of feng shui is “living in harmony with nature, in tune with the heart.”  Dr. Hsu always reminds us to live in …

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