Do You Think Ghosts are Real?

The other day I came across an article about a man who was a ghost hunter.  He went into a haunted house and had a …

Feng Shui and triangles

In feng shui theory, the triangular shape is related to the Fire element which represents expanding energy and dynamic motion. However, it also manifests chaos …

kimono, woman, umbrella-1822520.jpg

Gaman, I Can Take It

“Have we all become too soft?”  I wonder about that. There is a Japanese word “Gaman” which is often translated as “enduring the seemingly unbearable …

Ideal bedroom design

The bedroom is one of the three most important features in a house. It affects health, relationships, emotions, and child bearing. As a place for …

Are you a Player or a Cheerleader?

What role do you Play? This week it’s been so amazing and inspiring to watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympics! Five years ago, I recall watching …

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Find a house with good feng shui

There are many personal factors that dictate how and why we choose a home, such as schools, commute to work, traffic, safety, neighborhood desirability, and …

What is the Japanese Bon Festival?

Traditions remain strong in Japan and one of the important seasonal events is Obon, or in English they say the Bon Festival.  When I was …

Do overgrown trees affect the feng shui of a house?

The other day, I went to Seattle for a feng shui consultation. As I approached the house, I noticed there was a tall pine tree …

Can a feng shui gadget fix a relationship?

In many Asian cultures, when a couple decides to get married, some traditional families go to a “marriage or relationship counselor”, who reads your astrological …

“Used” Official Music Video by wav #stopasianhate

This is a music video by wav. It’s got that Asian influence that has a vibe that’s haunting yet alluring. It’s hard to explain. You’ll …

Hawaiian Style Popcorn – Hurricane Popcorn Recipe

Recently, I’ve been really liking popcorn. To be honest,  I was never a popcorn fan. Why did this change?  Well, my husband, the farmer, has …

What is Form School Feng Shui?

Can a room change someone’s life? That’s what many feng shui books claim. Changing your furniture can change your life.  I really wondered if this …

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