Feng Shui and False Threats

As a great resource, the internet is a wonderful place to learn about everything and anything, yet it can also be full of misinformation. The …

Japanese Bath – Ofuro

The Japanese Ofuro, or bath,  is such a treat for the body, mind and spirit. I really think if every household had one, the world …

Fall Colors For Your Home

Where did summer go?  In this part of the world, it felt like we hardly had a summer. There were many gray days, lots of …

Aki Matsuri in Bellevue, Washington

This past weekend was the Annual Japanese Aki Matsui in Bellevue, Washington. Aki means fall and matsuri means festival.  This fabulous cultural celebration is produced …

What’s a Money Tree?

There are two definitions of “money tree”. One is a tree from Chinese mythology and the other is an actual physical live plant that is …

swimming pool, drops of water, black hair

Asian Cultural Beliefs on When to Shampoo

Does the time of day you shampoo your hair affect your well being? My hair stylist is originally from Hong Kong and I always enjoy …

Feng Shui and Noise Pollution

Feng shui is living in harmony with nature. By nature, we mean our living environment and that includes all sounds whether it is the wind, …

Miso Ground Pork with Somen

Why is it that weather has become such a big deal?  When I was a child weather was never an important part of my life.  …

A Story on Chinese and Gold

Traditionally, gold was considered a safe and sure investment for Chinese. The other day I was reading about the price of gold and how Asians …

The Pros and Cons of the Japanese Futon

Futon is the Japanese word for mattress or blanket. What suprised me was that according to Wikipedia, it is now an English word derived from …

pakistan, nature, scenery

Pakistan’s Floods

Pakistan’s floods don’t look like it is due to farming on flood plains because the scale of the disaster is just so overwhelming.  Now over …

high water, road, locked

Pakistan’s Floods, China’s Landslides, Moscow’s Fires: What’s the Feng Shui?

As I turned the page of the Wall Street Journal, there were three articles on current natural disasters:  Pakistan’s floods, China’s mudslides and Russia’s fire.   …

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