Hawaiian Style Popcorn – Hurricane Popcorn Recipe

Recently, I’ve been really liking popcorn. To be honest,  I was never a popcorn fan. Why did this change?  Well, my husband, the farmer, has …

What is Form School Feng Shui?

Can a room change someone’s life? That’s what many feng shui books claim. Changing your furniture can change your life.  I really wondered if this …

3 Tips for Aging in Place

A couple years ago I took an Aging In Place certification class.  I didn’t know what to expect, but it was interesting to see the …

I’m back online and it feels good!

It’s been a over six months since my last post.  And we are still in lockdown.  Not much has changed in the outside world. In …

Are the Daily Changes the New Normal?

Sometimes I’m Terrified! The world is changing so much and so fast in the last few months. I’m kind of in disbelief when watching the …

Why I Need Monotony in My Life to Move Forward

Writing emails? Paperwork? Making phone calls? If you ask me, that type of work can be tedious. Well, honestly, they’re not very fun.

Circular Houses are a Slice of Ancient Living

This is the ancient housing for the Hakka community in China. Dr. Hsu, my feng shui master from Taiwan, is Hakka and introduced this to …

Make a Living Room Feel More Energized

Does your living room feel organized and neat but you feel that something is missing? Being an interior designer and a feng shui consultant, I …

Be Careful With Paint Fumes: A Mother’s Instinct and Kawasaki Disease

Recently, there has been news that a number of children with COVID-19 develop severe complications. Doctors have seen an inflammation…

Organize Your Bookshelf to Feel Energized

Like all of you, I too have more time at home. Spending more time at home means I notice things that I don’t normally notice …

Yin Yang of energies

I Seek to Understand Both Sides of an Argument

culNowadays, it seems like everyone has an opinion. Which is fine. But, there are so many sides to every argument. Who’s side are you on? …

What is Meditation and how does it help you?

Meditation is a big thing now. It seems like everyone is meditating and that’s a wonderful thing! If you’ve never meditated before, it’s a good …

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