How to Find a Good Feng Shui House


by Jenny Nakao Hones

“Feng shui is so confusing!”  With so much information on the internet, it’s no surprise. This book will help demystify feng shui by explaining the differences between culture, traditions and true feng shui.

How to Find a Good Feng Shui House is a practical step-by-step guidebook to help you find a house that brings an abundance of chi energy for good health and a fulfilled life.  This book will help those who are thinking about moving, or have already started house-hunting. and want to pick the perfect house the first time.

This book was an Amazon #1 best seller in Urban & Land Use Planning:

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What is feng shui?  Feng shui is a 3,000 year old Chinese practice of how to detect and understand the inner energy of the land and house.  It’s the knowledge of how this energy affects and nourishes human life. It’s the 3,000 old practice that Asians all over the world rely on to find a home that matches their lifestyle so they can live a fulfilled life.

Why do you need a good feng shui house?  If your current house feels cramped, old, tired or simply gets in the way of what you want to do in life, then you need good feng shui. A good feng shui house makes you feel safe and secure.  It supports your lifestyle and family.  And it teaches us to live in tune with nature.  By doing so, we can live without stress and worry so we can reach our full potential.

What kind of questions will this book answer?

  • What landscape features should I look for? What should I avoid?
  • What constitutes a good feng shui house? And why is that important?
  • Why is one house better for my family than the other?
  • Are there any special rules I should follow to guarantee I find a great fengshui house?
  • Is there any hidden consequences of having a house on the top of a mountain with a view?
  • Is it bad to live at a T-junction?
  • Do I need to buy Asian ornaments for better feng shui?
  • And many more…


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