Online Residential Feng Shui Consultation


Looking for a new home?  Relationship, family or health issues?

This consultation is for you!


Looking for a new home?  Having Relationship issues?  Need help with optimal furniture placement for better flowing chi?  Maybe you’re concerned about your health or career.

A feng shui consultation can help.

A consultation will assess both the interior and exterior of your home.  We look at the landscape, the surrounding roads and neighboring houses to see if there are any blockages or disrupting chi.  For the interior we begin by looking at your front door to make sure chi can flow into the house.  Within the home, we also make sure the layout is open so chi can flow gently and smoothly with no obstructions.  We look for areas that may have stagnant chi.

We assess, use of space, furniture placement, lighting and all the forms in the space for our analysis.


What does a feng shui consultation involve?

A consultation is a process to analyze the chi energy of your living environment.  Your environment, which includes the surrounding roads and trees, your home, your furniture, affect your thoughts, emotions, and actions.  And ultimately, actions affect your life.


For a online consultation: 

Before our online meeting, using your address, I assess your home from Google earth.  This is to see your house in relation to the surrounding environment.  I look at the roads, topography, trees, and other structures and buildings to assess the surrounding chi and it’s effects.   Next, we analyze the house itself to check the chi.

Because we are doing this remotely, you will use your phone to show me your space while we talk.  Or you can send videos and photos before hand so I have a better understanding of the layout of the house.  You will need to show me both the interior and the exterior of the house. 

Our consultation begins with getting  to know more about you, your family, and your lifestyle.  Also, please tell me about your concerns.  It could be anything such as relationships, health, children, career and family. 

Next, we will do an interior and exterior walkthrough with you leading the way.  If there are particular areas that you’re concerned about, please let me know as we walk through the home.  

We will go room by room.  We will check bedrooms for bed placement for better relationships and health.  If you do work from home, we check office desk placement for productivity and career.  We look at the kitchen, living room, dining area as well as the colors, décor and lighting.

Once we go through the whole house, we will discuss my assessment and advice of the situation.  I will also make suggestions on what improvements and changes can be made to help with the energy of the house, including both interior and exterior environments.  Then, together we do another walk through the spaces where I will give you specific instructions on what changes I recommend. If you have any further questions we will also address these.  

Please expect the consultation to be for a couple of hours depending on the square footage.

Once you purchase a consultation, you will be contacted to schedule a date and time.  

For residences 5,000 sq. ft. and up please contact me at


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Square Footage

0 – 2,000 sq. ft., 2,001 – 2,500, 2,501 – 3,000, 3,000-4,000 sq. ft., 4,001 – 5,000


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