Another way of helping you choose paint colors is to think about your color intensity.  Intensity is the saturation or more simply, the brightness or purity of a color.   The way I would explain it, a neon red is a cheerful, bright red, that is highly intense or similarly, highly saturated.  On the other hand, a muted red that looks softer and duller is considered low saturation.   Of course, as I said in my earlier blog, paint colors are a personal taste issue.  What clicks for one person may not click for the next.  So there is no right or wrong, however, to be able to live comfortably in a given space, please consider the intensity of the color you choose.

Let’s take a bedroom as an example.  A bedroom is supposed to be a place for your mind and body to reboot after a long day.  Therefore, regardless of what colors you choose, try to keep the wall colors to a maximum of three colors and go for the low saturated colors.  Think natural dyes that are easy on the eyes and mind.

Below are two photos.  They both show the colors green, yellow, pink and orange.  However, the eggs are what we call high intensity or highly saturated colors, while the photo of the leaves are low intensity or low saturation.  The yellow foil color for a wall in a bedroom will be somewhat disturbing while the yellow leaf color would be more soothing.  To help you choose your colors, think nature.  So, go ahead and choose a color that you fancy, but just make sure that it has a low intensity and you will find your own personal space to suit your character.


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