Japanese tuna pasta

Japanese Style Tuna Pasta: Easy & Economical

Hi Everyone! It’s been ages since I last posted on my blog. I’ve been posting on Facebook a lot but not here. I figured that having the same post in two places was just information overload and repetitive. However, the other day I talked to my childhood friend. She said, “why haven’t you been posting?” …

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Vegetarian Sushi Secrets by Marisa Baggett

In Japan, the traditional vegetarian sushi fillings are cucumber, kampyo, which is a dried gourd cooked in a sweet soy based sauce, shiitake mushrooms, takuan, eggs, spinach, plum, shiso and sesame seeds.  I really do enjoy them all.  But, sushi is now not just a Japanese food.  It’s everyone’s food. It’s just like pizza.  The …

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Japanese New Years Traditions

Now that Christmas has come and gone, in a Japanese household, we have to start thinking of the biggest holiday of the year, New Years or Oshogatsu.  January 1st, is called Gan jitsu.  In the olden days, it was thought that the new year’s god, Toshigami-sama,  brought happiness and good harvest.  So, to welcome this …

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Japanese Style Sandwiches

Japanese sandwiches are typically made with thinly sliced white bread.  Japanese style white bread is a little different from American white bread.  With a hint of butter and a slight sweetness, Japanese white bread is fluffy and elastic with a chewy texture. Also because the sandwich was an imported concept, they have no preconceived ideas on what a sandwich filling should …

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Homemade Teriyaki Sauce Recipe: Only Four Ingredients

In the U.S., nowadays you can find a fast food teriyaki chicken stand in most towns.  Teriyaki has become so common that they even sell the sauce at Costco.  On the supermarket shelves, there are a variety of teriyaki sauces that make our lives easier for their convenience and good taste.   But, because I …

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Spring Menu – Salad and Dessert

In the two previous blogs we’ve covered the appetizers and main courses.  This blog will have the remainder recipes for the salad, rice, pickles and dessert. Asian meals usually have rice, pickles and soup to round them off. The pickled vegetables in Japan and China, tend to be salty and sour while the Koreans enjoy …

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