Japanese Style Sandwiches

Japanese sandwiches are typically made with thinly sliced white bread.  Japanese style white bread is a little different from American white bread.  With a hint of butter and a slight sweetness, Japanese white bread is fluffy and elastic with a chewy texture. Also because the sandwich was an imported concept, they have no preconceived ideas on what a sandwich filling should …

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Mu Shu Pork Homestyle Recipe

Mu Shu Pork is a Chinese vegetables and pork stir-fry that is wrapped in a Mandarin crepe with hoisin sauce. It’s what I would call a Chinese burrito.  This “home-style” version was taught to me by my Chinese girlfriend, who is a fabulous mother, professional and cook!  She simplified this tedious traditional recipe rather drastically,  …

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Home Style Stewed Shoyu Pork with Boiled Eggs

Sometimes we need comfort food. For me, this is so simple yet satisfying to eat over a bowl of rice.  Stewed pork in shoyu can be considered either Japanese or Chinese, but who cares if it just tastes good!  Right?  The ingredients are easy to get anywhere because there is nothing fancy in it.  If …

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