Easy Spicy Cucumbers in 3 Minutes

“I’m cooked out” my Mom said. I had to pause for a second. “What does that mean?” I asked her, feeling puzzled. “Well, I’ve been …

Hawaiian Style Popcorn – Hurricane Popcorn Recipe

Recently, I’ve been really liking popcorn. To be honest,  I was never a popcorn fan. Why did this change?  Well, my husband, the farmer, has …

Japanese tuna pasta

Japanese Style Tuna Pasta: Easy & Economical

Hi Everyone! It’s been ages since I last posted on my blog. I’ve been posting on Facebook a lot but not here. I figured that …

Thai Basil and Macadamia Nut Pesto Recipe

I’m a home cook.  And just like most of the home cooks I know, I make an effort to use whatever I have in the …

Vegetarian Sushi Secrets by Marisa Baggett

In Japan, the traditional vegetarian sushi fillings are cucumber, kampyo, which is a dried gourd cooked in a sweet soy based sauce, shiitake mushrooms, takuan, …

Tuna Spring Roll Recipe

The typical Asian spring roll has a combination of ground pork, beansprouts, shiitake mushrooms, cabbage and some bean thread.  However, this tuna spring roll recipe is …

Everyday Chinese Cookbook – by Katie Chin

In most Asian families, food and cooking are very much central to our lives.  We celebrate many special occasions using food as symbolism. But it’s …

Feng Shui Analysis: Horseradish Jar & Label

The other day my husband came home with a jar of Hee-Haw Horseradish from Canada.  I must admit, I do love horseradish in my devil …

Daikon and Green Onion Sesame Buns Recipe

Making your own sesame buns sounds really intimidating.  But, my girlfriend Winnie has simplified it to an art!  This filling has only two ingredients, well, …

Ono Taegu: Hawaiian Style Korean Spicy Cuttlefish

I go back to Honolulu as often as I can to visit my folks.  And every time I go, it seems that they are into …

9 Reasons to Drink Matcha Green Tea to Kick Start Your Healthy Lifestyle

Green tea is regarded by many nutrition experts as one of the items on any top 10 list of super foods in terms of antioxidant …

Quick and Healthy Chinese Broccoli – Gai-Lan

It’s become more and more evident that we need to increase our green veggie intake to our diet for better health.  I love Winnie’s quick recipe …

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