Last week in my neighborhood, eight large fir trees were chopped down.  Wow, did it change the landscape!  It’s hard to recognize some of the homes so exposed now.  It sure must have increased the amount of light they receive.

It was interesting to note that not all were in favor of chopping down those trees.  I am going to have to agree with those that had them cut because some of those fir trees can grow to 300 feet tall.  The larger the tree, the harder and more expensive it gets to chop them down.  Furthermore, the taller they are, the chances of having a branch fall on a home can be greater causing more damage.  At 40-60 feet they are still manageable.

Once a tree is chopped, you can always plant another in its place.  Choose a tree that won’t grow too tall and wide given your allotted space.   Proper upkeep and trimming will control over growth and the tree will survive for many years.  Changing the landscape changes the energy.  In the gray Northwest, any sunlight is a positive, welcome change!

Photo: Pixabay

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