This last week we have been working and studying with Master Hsu on the next feng shui book he is writing.

There is so much information that my brain is full and confused! It’s probably filled with lots of unnecessary and useless information that I pick up here and there in the news and on T.V..  This sounds rather similar to our our home!  When there is too much clutter, with unnecessary items that only take space but hardly get used, the place looks chaotic and messy.  We all need to spring clean every once in while. But I guess we have to do that with our brains too!  That’s feng shui too, as we’re trying to create good qi energy flow in all areas of our life, not only our home.

Dr. Hsu, always reiterates the concepts of Form School design and how the forms in our environment define our energy.  Today, I found a perfect example that supports this ancient concept but in a totally different context.  Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist speaks on TED:  “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are.”  It’s fascinating to see how our body language, or what she calls simple posing, can make such a difference on our minds.  This is exactly what Dr. Hsu has been teaching.   He says, our body is a “form” that can affect not only other people’s energy but our own energy.

 Amy teaches us how in two minutes, we can empower ourselves.   Yes, your body language and qi energy can empower you.  This is great information to share with your kids or friends who are going for interviews or simply in everyday life.  More power to all!  Thank you Amy!

Please note that this video is 20 minutes long.   However, as Amy says, “it can significantly change the outcome of their (your)  life” – and this doesn’t cost a thing!



image: JimReeves

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